English 462

Writing for Publication
English 462
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Spring 2007

Instructor: Dr. Russel Hirst

Time: TTh 3:40-4:55 p.m.

Place: Perkins 212 (1st day; thereafter in HSS 207, the Language Resource Center)

Phones: 974-6952 (o); 5401 (sec); 6926 (fax)

Office hrs.: TBA

Course Description

Required Text
A Course in Writing by Michael Keene (course packet)

Recommended Texts

See Course Packet

Grading, Quizzes, & Attendance

Schedule for Technical Editing
Spring 2007

Schedule evoloves as semester unfolds.


Meet in Perkins 212. Introductions. Course objectives, structure, materials, and policies.

16 Meet in HSS 207 (today and henceforth). Writers & Coaches. Deliberations.

Read A Course in Writing 1-12.

18 Letter of Self Introduction to rkh@utk.edu

The heart of professions. Writer-Coach teams finalized.

23 Writers: memos due (description of profession and writing project). Discussion.

Read A Course in Writing 13-19.

Announcement of Assignment A (coaches): rhetorical analysis of writing in your writer’s field.

25 Book giveaway! Finding resources for coaching a writer.

30 Preferring active voice and other stylistic decisions.


Common writing problems. Coaching sessions.

6 Discussion based on what we’re seeing documents.

8 Coaching sessions.

13 More about Assignment A.

15 Assignment A due.

Discussion of Assignment A. Additional assignment for coaches: Mini-Course for your writer.

22 Sign up for Writer-Coach conferences. Coaching sessions. Assignments for coach presentations (recommended tutorials, books, articles, web sites, etc.).

27 Panel presentation on careers in writing & publishing; English majors in 1210-11 McClung Tower.

Writers meet in HSS 207 with Dr. Hirst.


1 Mini-curricula due, but you may have more time if you need it. Discussion. Coaching sessions.

6 Coaching sessions. ETC/ETC meeting, 6:00 – 8:30 pm., McClung 1210-11.

8 Coaching sessions.

13 Spring break.

15 Spring break.

20 Coaching sessions.

22 Coaching sessions.

27 Coaching sessions.

29 Coaching sessions.


Integrating text & visuals.

5 Student reports on tutorials, other business.

10 Coaching sessions, more on style.

12 Coaching sessions, more on style.

17 TBA

19 TBA

24 TBA



Final exam.