About the Tutorial

You have at your fingertips a set of lessons in professional writing style that gives you explanations, examples, exercises, and answers for the following topics:

  1. Preferring Active Voice
  2. Denominalizing (turning verbs masquerading as nouns back into verbs)
  3. Trimming Fat
  4. Reducing Jargon
  5. Unraveling Adjective-Noun Strings, Reducing Preposition Sprawl
  6. Using Parallel Form
  7. Being Emphatic and Coherent
  8. Using Modifiers
  9. Choosing the Right Words
  10. Mastering Punctuation
  11. Using Ethical and Inoffensive Language
  12. Finding the Right Tone

These units of instruction build upon one another, and sometimes a lesson will refer to an earlier lesson. However, unless your instructor otherwise directs, you are free to work through these tutorials selectively, and in any order you choose. You know your own strengths and weaknesses. Maybe.

These lessons are fast paced and even a little fun.  They will strengthen your stylistic powers no matter what your discipline, but they are particularly helpful if you are a student or professional in engineering, science, business, or technical communication. They will help you write for the world of work with clarity, precision, and comfortableness.


focus on the most important guidelines for professional writing.